Call goes out for actors for spring productions

By PETER HOAG/Montana State News

Six Montana State University student films are calling for students to come and audition starting Feb 4. and continuing through Feb. 15. The 10-minute films are produced as part of a course offered by the MSU School of Film and Photography, and are considered to be the culmination of the students’ time in the program.

The six separate auditions start Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. for the film “Encore!” directed by Eric Tuten. The last audition takes place Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. for “Sugar & Spice,” directed by Stormy DuBois.

The fiction films vary in genres and subjects, with lead, supporting, and background parts available. Films range from a story of the legendary pirate Anne Bonny and her female lover Mary Read, to a musical of a young man who can only sing.

When asked why students should try out, DuBois said, “People should audition for student films because it increases their chance of getting famous. Not by much, but it does.”

“All jokes aside,” Dubois said, “people should audition because it gives actors a chance to practice their craft in a safe encouraging environment you can’t get on professional sets.”

This is especially true for students with previous acting experience, or for those with previously unfulfilled ambitions. As there is no acting program at MSU, and a low number of theater and acting groups in Bozeman, chances aren’t that bad for students to land major or minor roles.

Students with any interest or questions regarding auditions can visit the MSU School of Film and Photography in the VCB.

– Edited by Jason Berg

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