Local business cashes in on eBay sales

By ALEX HEIDEMA/Montana State News

Cash 4 Clothes, Bozeman’s only independent walk-in eBay store has had success in connecting locals with online markets.

Bruce Wendt, owner of Cash 4 Clothes, has been buying clothing, electronics, collectables, jewelry and more from locals for resale for the past two years.

“Vintage and high-end clothing commands the best prices. While the popular name brands and styles of jeans, shirts, coats and sporting clothing can be purchased regardless of season,” said Wendt.

Before Cash 4 Clothes, the only ways to sell items on eBay was through a personal eBay account or through eBay’s “sell it for me” option.

“Sell it for me” allows eager sellers to send their items a trusted eBay professor who then sells it themselves, giving the owner up to 80 percent of the proceeds.

If sellers choose the “sell it for me” option, they are very limited in the items they are allowed to sell. Clothing, media, breakable items and weapons are a few of the several items not allowed in this option.

A walk-in, drop-off eBay location, like Cash 4 Clothes has gained footing as a local business by expanding what customers are allowed to sell. This allows more convenient ways for patrons to receive money for unwanted items.

Although it may seem risky, eBay sellers like Wendt can make a decent living just through eBay sales. Wendt is just one of the 1.3 million people who make their living solely through online sales.

Currently, eBay has over 1.8 billion items for sale, with an estimated total value of $40 billion. It is also the fastest growing company in U.S. history. The site also conducts more transactions every day than the New York Stock Exchange.

The website’s popularity has expanded to 27 different countries, creating a worldwide economic phenomenon that provides countless people with the means to buy, sell and even make a living through fast and safe transactions.

– Edited by Brett Nelson

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