MSU film grads try their hand at TV ads

By JEREMY GOULD/ Montana State News

Three graduating seniors from Montana State University’s School of Film and Photography are gearing up to start their own video production company. Coltor Olmstead, Zane Clampett and Patrick Gillis will be opening their doors as Vector Visuals after graduation in May.

With almost 10 different established production companies already in the Bozeman area, which serve clients like National Geographic and Redbull Media, the three hope to make their mark serving more unknown, recently-established businesses. Plans are already in the works for a new brewery to open its doors in the next year, as well as EL-Heart, a local clothing store, both companies Vector Visuals are looking to work with.

They hope to be accessible to more new businesses than other established production companies. “We’re a more affordable production company that won’t cost an arm and leg just to get a quality product to show their customers.” This business plan should prove frivolous due to the copious amounts of small businesses in the area that are looking to get their name out.

With steady economic growth, affluent setting and a progressive art scene, the three see Bozeman as an ideal location to set up shop.

“Right now we’re in the perfect place to start a company, because Bozeman has so many booming startup companies that are getting big enough to start promoting videos (both on TV as well as the internet),” Olmstead said.

During their time together at MSU’s Film School the three say they have learned to appreciate the value of teamwork and collaboration. Each of their school assignments had a team of people to figure out a desired end goal. “Everyone involved had equal input” says Olmstead, something they hope to bring to each unique client.

“Our mission statement,” Clampett said, “is to assist in the collaboration with customers to help in making an enticing and compelling piece of work to further promote the work of our collaborators.”

– Edited by Ryley Walker

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