Fly Fishing Film Tour returns to Montana

By KRISTIN ROCHNIAK/Montana State News

What amounts to off-season “fishing porn” for fly fishermen, the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour is back in Montana and made its first stop in Montana Tuesday at the Emerson Cultural Center.

This year the festival website claims to have their best lineup yet. “Finding Fontinalis,” “Jungle Angler: Legend of El Dorado,” and “Tidewater” are a few of the headlining films on the lineup

The once small festival has grown significantly in the 10 years since its founding, and is now not just an event for fishy folks to gaze upon but also a festival with serious movies and real stories.

The festival showcases films that take the audience around to globe to experience fly-fishing within every corner of the Earth. The festival website website says, “from Bolivia to the Seychelles, British Columbia and Patagonia, from Saskatchewan to Zambia and Virginia to Montana, the notable characters, unique storylines and unparalleled fishing in these films will lead you on an adventure around the globe!”

The festival visiting Bozeman not only offers fans of fly fishing a unique experience, but its presence is also a notable beneficiary to the community. The festival is committed to supporting local fly shops and conservation efforts within each city it visits. A portion of each ticket sale goes on to local conservation and habitat related efforts within the community. According to the festival’s website, last year’s tour raised over $300,000 towards habitat conservation.

The festival also has upcoming shows this week in Billings on Wednesday, and in Missoula on Saturday. The festival even announced this week that they will be returning to Montana later this winter to visit Big Sky on Mar. 24.

– Edited by Conor Glesner

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