Local business, fans gear up for Super Bowl

By: ALLISON ERWIN/Montana State News

Bar-goers can expect to encounter long lines, cheap drinks, and drunken fans this weekend for Super Bowl Sunday in Bozeman.

The buzz surrounding the big game has more than just fans talking. Bartenders and kitchen staff at bars in and around the downtown area are already preparing for the busy weekend ahead.

“With the big game, comes a lot of patrons and of course, a lot of booze… we’re keeping an extra bouncer on just to make sure things stay under control during the game,” said a Bar XI bartender Christian Wallace.

Increased security won’t be the only measure local bars and restaurants will be taking this Sunday. Working with local bars, law enforcement officers will be increasing foot patrols around the downtown area in an effort to minimize confrontation among intoxicated bar-goers, according to a police secretary on Monday.

Wallace — who has been working at Bar XI for three years — understands Super Bowl Sunday is consistently one of the most hectic days of the year.

“It’s definitely going to be a busy day, especially since there are so many people from Colorado here,” said Wallace.

The downtown bar employee explained that the whole staff will be working on Sunday, and a special Super Bowl board will be raffling off 500 dollars per quarter.

While some are planning on spending the football filled day at the local bar scene, others wish to stay away from the crowds. Riley Lubich, a Broncos’ fan and a senior at Montana State University, claimed she would rather spend Super Bowl Sunday at a friend’s house instead of the bars.

“Honestly it’s just not worth the chaos” she remarks.

Broncos’ fans are still reeling from the last Super Bowl they saw their team play in, and are certainly doubtful about this year’s contest as well.

Lubrich said, “I’m definitely nervous about the Broncos winning, I was confident in them when they played the Seahawks and was pretty disappointed.”

Despite doubt by Broncos’ fans, Carolina die-hards have a more optimistic outlook on Sunday’s game.

“Cam Newton has really shown his ability to pull through in high pressure play-off situations… I have full confidence in his ability to bring home the title this year,” says Trey Alberta, a lifelong fan of the Carolina Panthers.

Regardless of who takes home the title on Sunday, the downtown streets are expected to be packed with inebriated fans; some will be somber with the bitterness of loss, while others elated in a state of victory.

– Edited by Ross Sellers

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