Tourism industry calls for new curriculum

By ADAM SCHREUDER/Montana State News

Although construction for new buildings on campus seems to be a constant at Montana State University, the movement for new educational programs is only beginning to gain momentum. The leading proposal this year for new curriculum is a four-year degree in hospitality management.

A quick Internet search reveals that hospitality management is a program that caters to several niches – ranging from health care management, senior care facilities, and even hotel and resort management. Given the vast number of tourists and senior citizens in Bozeman, it would seem that this curriculum could be a perfect fit for MSU. The program is still in its infancy as a concept, however, and is far from being approved.

As the number of students enrolled at MSU continues to break record numbers each year, the educational curriculum options must also expand.  According to the MSU website, each enrollment period increases by approximately 250 students. At this rate of growth, students will be in need of not only more classroom space, but also more career choices. Dillon Kouf, a Sophomore at MSU, elaborates on the issue of choosing a major.

“I’m a business major this semester, but last semester I was a music major.  The semester before that, I was an art major.  I never really found anything that I loved, but I got tired of switching, so by default I’m finally sticking with business.”

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, the faculty senate voted against the possibility of a hospitality management option at MSU in October 2015 “in a close, 12-16 vote.” The consensus among those opposed to the implementation of this new major is that MSU’s core programs are already understaffed, and classrooms are overflowing with students.

While staffing is an issue that remains to be solved, giving students more options for majors would open new career opportunities, while subsequently distributing the student body more evenly amongst classrooms.

– Edited by Jack Seeger

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