‘A Night in Pompeii’ fundraiser set for museum

By JARROD PLANT/Montana State News

Museum of the Rockies is to host a benefit to raise money for the Museum and the Opening Doors for Montana School Children program on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The MOR will host “A Night in Pompeii” themed party that will, according to marketing director Mark Robinson, replace the 25-year tradition of the Museum Ball.

The party will hold 11 live auctions, a silent auction and a Dutch auction all the while live music plays in the background, according to MOR’s webpage.

The live auctions and the silent auction, as well as the ticket sales proceeds, will go to the museum. The fundraising will go to faculty and general needs of the museum.

“The Dutch auction [a type of auction that starts high-priced and works lower] will go specifically to Opening Doors for Montana School Children,” said Robinson.

According to the website, Opening Doors for Montana School Children has allowed over 10,000 students to visit the museum. Additionally, the program has sent outreach materials to over 7,500 students across the state of Montana.

The price of admission for the event will be $100 for members, while non-members will pay $115.

MOR additionally has sponsorship packages. Sponsors may buy a package with two, four, six or twelve tickets. Each package includes “Exclusive Passes to ‘Caesar’s Palace’ [in Las Vegas], and Sponsorship Gift Basket,” according to MOR’s website.

“The event will be a once in a lifetime event,” said Robinson. MOR plans to change the theme annually in February modeled after the following summer’s exhibit.

From June 18 to Dec. 31, 2016, the summer exhibit, “Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis Near Pompeii” will be located at the MOR. MOR’s summer exhibit will be one of three museums in America showcasing artifacts that have never left Italy until now, according to MOR website.

– Edited by Natalie Walters

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