‘Battle under the Mountains’ draws a crowd

By NATALIE WALTERS/Montana State News

This year’s Montana State University Club Hivemind’s Battle Under the Mountains was sponsored by Riot Games,  Nvidia, Razer, Mountain Dew, Tespa and Team Entropy.

MSU Hivemind’s League of Legends team A member, Bryce "Frostyzemyx" Miller, collects his raffle prize.
MSU Hivemind’s League of Legends team A member Bryce “Frostyzemyx” Miller collects his raffle prize.

“We were first sponsored by Nvidia back in 2012, and they sent us a bunch of t-shirts. And it was really the best thing we ever had at that point. It was really exciting. But nothing is as cool as graphic cards and keyboards and things like that,” says Blake Mickatavage on sponsorship.

The graphic cards, keyboards and gaming mice were a part of the raffle and the prizes of the League of Legends and Hearthstone tournament winners according to Tyler Katzman who ran the raffle on day two of the event.

Even though there was a sponsored team at Battle Under the Mountains, the local area network (LAN) event brought in about 150 different people each day, according to Mickatavage, during the 28-hour event. Mickatavage also estimated that attendance would peak around nine p.m. on day one.

Hivemind announced on their Facebook page that the League of Legends tournament would be play testing Razer’s Razer Arena. According to Razer Arena’s website, the beta play testing allows for tournaments to sync with a bracket system online which connects all of the teams online.

The tournament streamed live to Twitch.tv/hivemindtv where players could watch online.

However, parts of the tournament were canceled due to lack of interest. The cancellation of the online games Starcraft II and Counter Strike: Global Offensive was “not something [they] had to do in the past,” according to Mickatavage.

The winners were announced on Hivemind’s Facebook page and live. The League of Legends winning team was Team Entropy. The winner of the Hearthstone tournament was the player “AWE”.

By the end of it all, Hivemind leadership members and players happily accept any form of caffeine according to Kyle Hale, the Twitch coordinator.

– Edited by Jarrod Plant

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