Bozeman SOUP hosts dinner at the Baxter

By NATHANAEL JOHNS/Montana State News

“Innovation fed and funded by the community” is the motto of Bozeman SOUP.  According to their Facebook page, SOUP is a dinner hosted for the purpose of “celebrating and supporting creative projects in Bozeman.”

Local restaurants donate the dinner, and attendees pay a $15 donation for the dinner and then hear four presenters give a four-minute pitch for their project. The audience then votes on the one they think is the best, and the winner gets the donation money.

This year, Betty Strook won with her pitch for Attachment Teach-In Project. This will be a seminar detailing the methods of a program shown to be a successful treatment option for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, Reactive Attachment Disorder is a “serious condition in which an infant or young child doesn’t establish healthy attachments with parents or caregivers.”

According to Strook, Bozeman has a higher than average number of children with this disorder. With the money, she plans to host a one-day seminar that details the methods of this program.

Strook is a volunteer for Intermountain, which is a local organization committed to helping children who experience academic difficulties due to developmental and mental issues.  According to their website, Intermountain “provides a path to restoring hope and healing for your child and family.”

There were four presentations, given by Tate Chamberlain, EJ Porth and Christine Armstrong, Strook, and Ellen Guettler.

These other proposals ranged from a symposium to create a dialogue on various issues, an outdoor activities program to combat diabetes and a new education software program.

SOUP is sponsored by the Bozeman Area Community Foundation. It was modeled off of Detroit SOUP, which was created as a way to engage the community in supporting new and innovative projects, ranging from art, technology, and education, according to their website.

SOUP hosted this dinner on Feb. 4 at The Baxter hotel.

– Edited by Mikal Overturf

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