For entrepreneur, business is a lifestyle

By SARA SAXTON/Montana State News

Starting a business takes dedication, commitment and a willingness to take on risk. Starting one successful business can be the accomplishment of a person’s lifetime. Kait Costanti, who is just shy of 30 years old, has already opened and successfully run two businesses. No project is left half done and she always puts ability, passion and hard work into her endeavors.

She opened Pure Barre in 2012 after moving to Bozeman. Pure Barre is a workout studio that incorporates the ballet barre into a workout using small movements to tone specific parts of the body, according to the Pure Barre website.

After she had owned and run Pure Barre for a little while, Costanti decided to sell it and move on to different things that inspired her. Her path directed her to wedding planning where she was first influenced by planning her own wedding.

Bash is a business that has just recently opened in Bozeman by Costanti and her business partner Rachel Granger. According to their website, Bash is an event and wedding planning business for the non-traditional bride.

Costanti’s office gives off an essence of relaxation and coziness and represents the eye for design necessary for wedding planning. The glossy wooden white floor matches three walls, all offset by a black wall with white and purple flowers blooming across its surface. A low hanging ceiling creates a warm, welcoming feel—the perfect space for organizing one of the most important days in a couple’s life.

The office also portrays the organization that has lent to Costanti’s success. Candles line up in perfect rows up on a shelf and comfortable seating created the perfect space for clients to share their ideas. Delicate dresses hang on silver hangers, further setting the perfect mood for planning a wedding.

Costanti’s success is self-made by applying her passion for life and for her career.

“I’m really passionate and energetic with everything I do,” said Costanti while speaking about the traits that have built her success.

The thing she loves most about her job is being able to give women and men their dream wedding day. Every detail is made beautifully flawless, down to the last petal on each flower.

Costanti said some advice she lives her life by personally and professionally is “comparison can be the thief of joy.”

She explained that people must only compete with themselves to be better and that comparison will only harm work ethic and can essentially damage a human being.

However, she also explained that admiration is something that brings joy and inspiration to work ethic.

An interior designer named Kelly Wearstler is someone who Costanti has admired strongly in her life. The way Kelly Wearstler portrays her art in design was somewhat frowned upon in the interior design world, but Costanti appreciates Wearstler’s integrity to her work, technique and style, even though people have not been impressed by her work at times

Costanti hopes to have the same worth ethic as Kelly Wearstler when it comes to wedding planning.

When it comes to work ethic Costanti said that she wants to, “Look at the positives.”

Until Costanti decides she wants to move onto another successful business she will continue to use her entrepreneurial spirit, positivity and inspiring mindset when helping brides plan their perfect day at Bash.

– Edited by Lilly Brogger

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