Natural talent can’t stay away from football

By JACK SEEGER/Montana State News

Every once in awhile, an athlete demonstrates such natural talent that coaches from thousands of miles away offer them a spot on the team. It’s no surprise that only a very elite few get the opportunity to walk on to any football team, and Montana State University is no exception.  However, Californian Jahan Asadi is prepared to take the plunge into becoming one of the proudest things a Montanan can be: a Bobcat.

As rare as this opportunity may be, sophomore Asadi is on the path to joining the elite after being invited to attend fall tryouts following an impressive return to the sport that he loves.  After presenting himself to the MSU coaching staff last week, Asadi was invited to partake in summer tryouts, and is “excited to receive the opportunity to play football again.”

Physically Asadi is the archetype of what a football player should be. With the combination of insanely quick feet and a beastly weight at just under 300 lbs., Asadi is a sheer wall of defensive force, and could certainly boost the Bobcat’s underperforming defense.

Mentally, Asadi has taken enough time away from his love of football to realize he didn’t want to miss his calling.  It’s evident in his earnest tone of voice that his absence from the sport allowed him to reflect on his priorities and love for the game.  When asked why he wanted to try out for the MSU team, Asadi said, “it took a year to fully grasp how much I missed playing football, and I don’t want to regret not having played 10 years from now.  The timing for this opportunity could not have come at a better time.”

Growing up, Asadi played football at St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California as left guard on offense and tackle on defense.  Although he loved playing football, he had never really given much thought to continuing the sport at a more rigorous collegiate level.  The personal invitation to try out with the Bobcat’s reignited Asadi’s passion for the game that inspired him to take affirmative action.

In order to get back in shape for the season Asadi has been conditioning since the first week of December, training on agility, footwork, movements, and strength weight lifting and stance drills. He intends to play defensive tackle at MSU, and has been working on position specific exercises to be ready for action when tryouts begin in summer.

Edited by Adam Schreuder

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