Sanders supporters rally in Bozeman

By KRISTIN ROCHNIAK/Montana State News

Montanans for Bernie Sanders showed off their political enthusiasm last Saturday as they marched down the sidewalks of Main Street in Bozeman, in support of their man, the 74 year old U.S. Senator from Vermont.

Upwards of 400 people arrived to show their support for the candidate who is changing the face of fundraising in this year’s race for the Democratic presidential nomination. The rally lasted over two hours, and they marched over 12 blocks. There was no fighting despite the provocation by Trump supporters that drove by yelling such slights as, “build the wall!”

Chants rang through the crowd endorsing the candidate for running a no nonsense campaign, trumpeting the fact that he has funded his bid almost entirely by small individual donations. One chant that sounded from the crowd, “We don’t need no super- PAC!” was quickly followed by the response, “Bernie Sanders has our back!”

According to his campaign, last month Sanders raised over $39 million in individual contributions of an average of just $27 each. They hope to surpass that during the month of April by reaching their previous record of $43 million in one month.

“I have given the Bernie campaign about $75 over the course of the last six months,” said Derrick Krueger, a Montana State University senior in the College of Business. “I wish I could give even more, but being a broke college student – it’s all I can do,” he laughed.  “But that fact about myself is why I am voting for Sanders. He is investing his entire life into my future, so I plan on investing all I possibly can on him.”

In a recent press release Sander’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver stated, “Our campaign is building the momentum we need to win the nomination and beat the Republicans in November. More and more people are joining Bernie’s political revolution every day.”

“It’s great to see how many people are here,” said one supporter, “because you know that for every person that actually showed up here on a Saturday morning, there are probably 10 more that are supporting him in the area.” On Facebook the event garnered interest from nearly 600 people and, local Sanders supporters are already planning another march in Bozeman for April 30.

– Edited by Anson Nygaard


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