Legal Washington pot coming into Montana

By JACKSON NOLDE/Montana State News

The legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington is bringing more and more of the drug into Montana, according to authorities.

In a recent bust, police say they confiscated more than $1 million in marijuana headed for Montana.

According to Idaho State Police, a Chevy Tahoe on Interstate 90 near Kellogg, Idaho was pulled over last Friday around 9:30 a.m. During the traffic stop, a drug detecting dog alerted the officers of the marijuana. After the troopers received a search warrant they found 378 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $1 million.

Since much of the West Coast has legalized marijuana, law enforcement in Montana and Idaho have been watching as marijuana smuggling has become more prevalent in neighboring states.

The recent bust in North Idaho suggests that large amounts of marijuana have been moving along the I-90 corridor sneaking its way into the Montana border. Two suspects were arrested on site for marijuana trafficking and were moved to Shoshone County Jail.

How does this high alert affect Montana State students who consume marijuana?

A student, who wished to remain anonymous due the stigma and legal issues surrounding marijuana, said that, “this is definitely is a wake up call when it comes to being open about talking about marijuana, it is easy to forget that smoking or carrying weed is a major offense.”

When questioning another student on her opinion of the changing political tides towards a pro-marijuana stance, Sara said that, “If they legalized weed, just imagine all the tax revenue it would establish in this country. Wow.”

– edited by Emma Hamburg

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