Programs aim to help area seniors

By EMMA HAMBURG/Montana State News

One of the biggest challenges seniors in our community face is poverty. According to the U.S. Census in 2012, 10 percent, or 1,250 seniors ages 65 and older, are living below poverty level, which is income of less $931/month, in Gallatin and Park counties.

Last year, over 1,800 seniors, age 62 and up, were assisted by Human Resource Development Council.  HRDC’s Senior Programs provide wrap around services to low-income and at-risk seniors to enhance their quality of life and provide for their basic needs.  The goal of these programs is to keep seniors in their own homes as long as safely possible.

Some of their crucial services include monthly visits from a registered nurse, weekly assistance with essential shopping, laundry, light meal preparation and light housekeeping, one-on-one  assistance to navigate community and HRDC resources and applications, affordable housing, energy assistance, financial counseling, transportation service, volunteer opportunities and food security.

It is proven that early intervention frequently prevents complications that would otherwise lead to either hospitalization or loss of independence through nursing home placement.

On Feb. 23, HRDC’s Senior Programs will host a BINGO and Burgers fundraiser at the Baxter Hotel.  This event is an opportunity to raise critical funds needed to support the increasing number of vulnerable citizens in our community.

Tickets are available at for $40 and include gourmet burgers from Unknotted, four BINGO cards, six games of BINGO and prizes.

HRDC is a nonprofit Community Action Agency dedicated to Building a Better Community. To learn more about HRDC’s efforts to address the needs of seniors in our community go to

– edited By Jackson Nolde

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