DeVos appointment get mixed reaction locally

By MERRIT GEARY/Montana State News

The current political climate has yet again caused a series of discussions around the Montana State University campus. Betsy DeVos, a highly controversial figure, has been named secretary of education. So what does this mean for the students and the university?

Earlier this month, DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education with a split 50-50 vote in the Senate and Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote. DeVos has been in the spotlight for her controversial remarks about the position and her understanding of its responsibilities. She has made many claims that have caused many to question her ability to handle the job, saying many disputable things about gun usage at schools, campus sexual assault, and even public school funding.

Haleigh Hurst, a junior at MSU studying Education, said, “DeVos is not someone I can trust. I cannot trust her for making the right decisions for millions of students. Someone who has never overseen any type of student loan is simply not equipped to handle billions of dollars nationally of student debt. I worry how she will set back the generation of students I will one day teach. I worry, absolutely, education is the future and I do believe it should move in a progressive way.”

Chatter was all through the university today. Many students are unsure how to handle the new secretary of education’s position, and some professors remain silent about the news.

Nick Ramberg, a senior at Montana State studying economics, says, “I don’t think a single professor discussed the topic. I am in mostly business classes but I find it a bit odd it isn’t brought up considering we are a public university and in a sense, it does affect us all.”

DeVos has four years in her position. We will see the outcomes of her work throughout those four years. As for students across the nation, every direction of their education will now be affected by her every decision for years to come.

– edited by Zachary Coe

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