Does spring break drive up airline ticket prices?

By AMANDA GROVER/Montana State News

Now that students are in the second month of classes, their thoughts have jumped forward to one thing: spring break, and the price that they’ll have to pay to go anywhere

That one week of glorious freedom comes at a hefty price, especially if someone is flying. After all, it seems as if the prices jump any time students leave their schools en masse.

So what are examples of these prices? And how have they been raised?

Well, looking at the first page of air fare on, flying from Bozeman to Denver, leaving the 10th— the Friday before Spring Break—the average cost appears to be about $394.

However, changing the date of departure to, Thursday the 9th, you get an average price of $411. That’s an of 4 percent increase for the extra day of freedom.

Those are only the dates relating to spring break, it does not speak to how much it costs when flying out on a regular day.

Changing the date of departure to the 24th  –the Friday after MSU’s spring break—the average price appears to be $304. That’s a 30 percent decrease—or a savings of about $93—from the Friday before, and a 35 percent decrease—or savings of about $107—from Thursday.

That’s only half the battle. To return to Bozeman, from Denver on the 19th, the average is 440.12 dollars. That’s a 10 percent increase in price to return to Bozeman the Sunday of spring break.

Overall, to fly around Spring break is expensive, compared to flying most of the other days in the year.

– edited by Bay Stephens

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