Reactions mixed to MSU beer-branding proposal

By JARED MILLER/Montana State News

A new proposal to brand local microbrews with Montana State University on local has caused controversy and mixed feelings throughout campus.

Recently, the idea to permit the school to put its logos and trademarks on various alcoholic beverages has been suggested.

If the proposal passes, the university would have to change its standing policy of prohibiting the use of school trademarks on firearms, tobacco, recreational drugs, and alcoholic beverages, according to MSU’s website.

The proposal has caused mixed feelings among students and community members alike. While several view the potential policy change as associating the school with alcohol in a negative way, some don’t see any issue.

“I think it’s fine personally,” said one MSU student. “For me, it wouldn’t be any different than seeing the logo on a shirt or a hat. It’s a move that’s supposed to help the school profit.”

This move would indeed help the university make merchandising money as the school would receive a portion of the proceeds on all sales of microbrews, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Not all students share this opinion however. Zachary Wright, another student at Montana State said, “It kind of hurts the image of Montana State.” He took the side many opponents of the proposed policy change have taken. “It seems to perpetuate this stigma of college students who are drinking and partying,” said Wright.

A decision could be made next month as the President’s Executive Council will meet in March to discuss the issue further, according to the Chronicle.

– edited by Rania Ampntel Chafint

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