Workforce housing efforts considered in Big Sky

By MICHELLE BURGER/Montana State News

A brand new housing opportunity for the workforce in Big Sky may just be the answer to the employee-housing crisis.

The new proposal, Penny for Housing, conquers employee-housing head on. This new bill outlines three major options Big Sky could go with in order to succeed, according to the Chamber of Commerce in Big Sky.

The first, allocating a sum of money every year from the 3 percent resort tax to pay for the new housing, is already in the works.

Second, a single lump sum of the funds goes directly to the new housing project.

Third, raising the resort tax to 4 percent and allowing 1 percent to go towards employee housing every year.

As information on this proposal arises, there are some who wish to stop it right away. Businesses already having to pay with the 3 percent resort tax are against the tax increase of 1 percent.

Some protest this new change to the tax. Others protest the housing value.

This will give a constant stream of money to the employee housing projects over many and many years in which will hopefully be under control.

This project will be voted on by the tax board in Big Sky.

According to Big Sky Resort Area District, “The revenue from the additional 1 percent resort tax must be used for the purpose of providing workforce housing and related needs or community development.”

Big Sky will continue to grow. The workforce and community will follow the lead as to what direction the town will take. It is vital for a town to be sustainable in housing in order to continue to grow and achieve new goals.

– edited by Tim Stover

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