Climbers are the face of unusual foundation


Mountain climbers Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin recently lectured at Montana State University on behalf of the MSU leadership institute and the Khumbu Climbing Center. The talk focused on their growing success, their failures and their life after what has become regarded as their iconic ascent.

Conrad Anker, a renowned climber living in Bozeman, teamed up with filmmaker and producer Jimmy Chin to speak on behalf of the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation came to life following 2008 after the film Meru came out. The film documents two ascents, one unsuccessful in 2008 when they lost fellow climber Lowe, the other when Anker, Chin and Rennan Ozturk successfully ascended Meru’s famous peak with its shark fin features in 2011.

The movie Meru shed publicity on all the climbers, but more importantly about Anker. Anker serves on many boards for the area. He was able to connect to communities around the area to educate about the dangers he and his colleagues faced during the ascents.

Sponsored by the Alex Lowe Foundation, the Khumbu Climbing Center emerged 15 years ago. The center teaches Sherpas and many other Nepali locals about the dangers of climbing in their area.

For the night at MSU and other talks they have given about this project, 100 percent of the proceeds are given directly to the KCC. This event at MSU earned $25,000 with over 1,000 people in attendance, according to Montana Associated Technology Roundtables.

The MSU Architect Depart has been working on building the structure for the KCC for two years now. “The structure will serve as an earthquake safe community center, library and medical clinic for the village of 300,” according to

Anker and Chin are set to give another talk at the University of Utah for the commencement speech this spring.

– edited by Emily Schabacker

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