Paulie’s Hot Dogs “The Wurst Best Place”

By VIRGINIA HOLST/Montana State News

When one is driving from the Montana State University campus to downtown Bozeman, it is highly likely that they will take Eighth Street until it ends at the intersection with Main Street. Look straight next time you come to this intersection and directly across Main Street, a red, lit sign will stand out that says, “Paulie’s Hot Dogs.”

Paulie’s is one of a kind. Started by Paul Tarantino, the same guy who started Tarantino’s, it is unique to Bozeman, according to Jake Rothling, one of Paulie’s employees.

“It’s awesome to work at Paulie’s because everyone is super laid back, friendly and happy to be here. The food is good too, so that’s cool,” Jacob Jensen said, an employee at Paulie’s. “I also like how many interesting customers we get.”

Some might say, “why go out for hot dogs?” But Paulie’s is changing the way some people think about this American “staple” food.

“I haven’t had a chance to try them all, but everything I’ve had so far has been great,” said Cooper Schicke , one of Paulie’s regular customers. “My favorites are the ‘Tangler’ and the ‘Hula Dog’ and their fries are to die for.”

Their clever combinations, such as the Hula Dog, can be served with a regular old-fashioned hot dog, or one of several brats or sausages. This one is topped with mozzarella, pineapple, bacon, and honey mustard. “A Paulie’s hot dog is a juicy, mouthful of flavor that never fails to satisfy,” Schicke said.

Their menu does not stop at hot dogs; however, Paulie’s also provides a variety of sandwiches, salads and wraps.

The food served in this establishment is just one of its many unique features. The atmosphere at Paulie’s resembles an old-style diner. The walls are draped with tin street signs, license plates, old-style black and white photos and even a few vintage sports symbols: a pair of boxing gloves and a baseball bat. This somewhat vintage feel is described by Schicke as, “very welcoming and relaxing, it feels like your friendly neighborhood diner.”

– edited by Rania Ampntel Chafint

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