Think Twice Before Ordering a Landmine Online

By Kempenaar Pahre, reporter for Montana State News

BOZEMAN MONT—Millennials may not buy diamonds or fabric softener at the same rate as previous generations, but they still find creative ways to spend money on relatively unnecessary items like avocado toast and Bulgarian landmines, the latter of which prompted a parking lot shutdown on the Montana State University (MSU) campus on the morning of February 18, 2020, after authorities discovered the inactive landmine stored in a student’s vehicle.

The unnamed student purchased the Bulgarian landmine from an online shopping platform,, as a collectible item. MSU officials said in an email communication they have no reason to believe the student had any ill intention, and assured students and faculty that the immediate risk to the public remained extremely low. Still, out of caution officials closed the parking lot and brought in the Lewis and Clark County bomb squad in order to remove the inactive mine safely.

The university received notification about the mine after an incident with another Bulgarian mine shipped from the same online seller. In this other case, the mine started vibrating during shipment, raising suspicion and prompting officials to track down other mines sold. Postal inspectors investigated the safety of all the deactivated mines purchased through

As predicted, the incident ended without trouble. Experts transported the Bulgarian land mine to the Malmstrom Air Force Base outside of Great Falls for safe disposal. Students took the whole incident in stride, making memes about it and wondering how the student who bought the landmine must have felt about accidentally causing a scene.


















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