Garbage Spill Has Local Residents Feeling Queasy: Suspicions Arise Between Roommates Regarding Who is Responsible for Dirty Floor

By Chris Dyrland-Marquis, reporter, Montana State News

BOZEMAN, MONT.—Tensions rose quickly last weekend on West Koch Street, Bozeman as apartment roommates, Cade Chvilicek and Louis Aron, discovered a communal trash receptacle in their apartment’s kitchen had tipped over: strewing trash and unpleasant debris across their kitchen floor. Emotions rose, and fingers pointed among accusations, but upon investigation, witnesses’ reports generated no potential motivations to aid in identifying suspects.

Unfortunate cases of overflowing trash cans and messy kitchen floors plague today’s society. In fact, generating garbage appears to be human nature. Michelle Mulder holds fascinating insights on the topic throughout her book, ​”Trash Talk! : Moving Toward a Zero Waste World​.”

“…[A]bout 12,000 years ago, people in the Near East (western Asia) started farming….Cities formed, and city dwellers did what they’d done in the countryside: they threw what they didn’t want out the window,” she explains in her book.

Historically, people have actualized bad habits when disposing of their waste. The ugly nature of our waste disposal yet again presented itself in last weekend’s spill, confirming the significance of bad trash management practices as an ongoing historical issue.

Several residents find it hard to view local trash spills with such distant, academic views. Louis Aron, present at the scene of last weekend’s debacle, asserted the trash-tipping arose as an act of malicious intent, creating yet more problems for him to manage in his day-to-day life.

Louis pointed out prime suspects of interrogative interest and explained how his resources would not be distributed to help clean up the aftermath. He argues whoever tipped the receptacle over ought to be the one to remove any spilled garbage.


“I didn’t physically see the trash can get pushed over, because I was in a different room, but it [seems that], you [the interviewer], or Cade Chvilicek is the person responsible for it,” he stated. “I don’t think I should be the one to clean up this mess. Whoever did it needs to be held responsible, and should clean up the garbage on the floor here, and take it outside to the big dumpster. There’s no chance I’m cleaning this up.”

Thankfully, the chaotic wake left behind from the residents’ kitchen garbage bin prompted action. Schedules of trash maintenance have begun to develop in efforts to prevent future spills, as well as late night watches to catch any ne’er-do-well individuals who may prowl the night.

Though no verification exists as of yet to confirm the cause of the garbage spill, the West Koch residents have implemented steps to make sure that it does not occur again. They look into future developing trash management policies with cautious optimism. The apartment’s second resident, Cade Chvilicek explained their perspective.

“I was going about my business, eating my dinner, when I saw somebody come and knock it over,” Cade explained. “We don’t know how or why it happened, but I don’t want it to happen again. It doesn’t matter what caused it. The only way to stop it [trash being spilled], is to not let it fill up like it did again.”

Both witnesses to last weekend’s incident agree that a suspect was indeed responsible for the spill, though as of yet the perpetrator remains unidentified.

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