Editorial: Support Eagle Mount

By Casey Crosby

Bozeman, MONT—I volunteer with Eagle Mount at least once a week during the peak winter months.  Everything about the program makes it a beacon of light in a place that loves the outdoors.

I love the outdoors, which at the time of writing this, I am practicing social distancing due to the Corona virus.  Even so, I am trying to stay positive and get outside at least once a day to go for a bike ride or for a run, or for a small hike somewhere in the mountains, away from other people of course.

Not all Bozemanites can get outside without significant assistance from others. Eagle Mount of Bozeman assists children and adults who have a range of challenges to have their lives enriched through quality, adaptive adventure and activity.

Unfortunately, Eagle Mount has had to suspend programming for the safety of its constituents but that does not diminish the need for financial support of the nonprofit organization.

Eagle Mount’s community driven program relies on donations by locals, which makes the program free or affordable for participants.

Although I love volunteering for the program, I have been told by a participant that I talk too much, and had to spend the rest of the time in silence.  He loved skiing, but maybe I was a bit much for him.

He and I have had a good laugh about it since. He just needs to focus on his skiing instead of conversing with me.

The majority of people living in Bozeman are already active people, and feel like they want to give back to their community.  These programs offered through Eagle Mount give such opportunities. Volunteers love having new people join every year.

There are many non-profit companies dedicated to making people’s lives better people who might not have the opportunity to do it for themselves.  The Human Resource Development Council, or HRDC has lots of programs for the less fortunate, such as the Fork and Spoon, the only pay-what-you-can restaurant in the Bozeman.

It is in these programs that define a community, and the ones in Bozeman truly astound me. Please support these important community assets.


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