Happenstance meeting leads to new band

By EMILY FOWLER/Montana State News

I’m standing towards the front of a large crowd at the Filling Station, a local favorite of the Bozeman bar scene. If I tried to stand still, I would be jostled by the crowd dancing and moving around me. Instead, I dance with them, partly because I would fall over if I tried to be stationary, and partly because it’s hard not to. The band onstage has an energy that is infectious.

Their speech is sprinkled with yurt puns. They all own tee-shirts proclaiming themselves “Members of The Steve Buscemi Fan Club.” They are delightfully weird and delightfully talented. They are YURT.

When I first approached the Bozeman-based band to ask them some questions, I was told they’d agree as long as it was conducted in an actual yurt. Although I wasn’t able to find a portable, round tent with a fireplace in the middle, the band eventually came around to meeting at the singer, guitarist and keyboardist Shane Laver’s, house.

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Country star Luke Bryan coming in April

By JACK SEEGER/Montana State News

Bozeman’s next big blowout music event is scheduled to pack Montana State University’s Brick Breeden Fieldhouse for a back-to-back show held on April 22 and 23.  Country music star Luke Bryan will be playing as part of his ‘Kill the Lights’ tour, according to the Montana State University website.  Special guests Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch will be accompanying Bryan at the show as the opening acts.

According to the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse website, Luke Bryan is a huge sensation amongst country music fans, producing 12 Billboard chart topping singles since his debut album in 2007 and selling “nearly 7 million albums with 27 million digital tracks from his four studio albums.” This tour is a build up for the release of Bryan’s new album, “Kill the Lights” which is set to be released on August 7.

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Beleaguered chain to open restaurant here

By MIKAL OVERTURF/Montana State News

Bozeman residents will soon be able to experience Chipotle in their own hometown. The “fast-casual” restaurant will be opening its doors at the corner of 19th Avenue and Main Street sometime this spring, bringing its campaign of “Food with integrity” to Bozeman.

This does not come without some controversy, however, as by the end of 2015 over 500 people had reported E. coli poisoning from foods purchased at Chipotle. A norovirus outbreak was also connected to a restaurant in Simi Valley, California.

One MSU student was interviewed about the opening of this chain, and she mentioned her reservations, saying, “I’m not sure if I want to eat there, not after all those people got sick.” This sentiment seems to be shared by many, as evidenced by Chipotle’s falling stock.

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Student filmmakers tackle campus rape culture

By KRISTIN ROCHNIAK/Montana State News

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, it is estimated that the percentage of completed or attempted rape victimization among women in higher educational institutions can be between 20 percent and 25 percent over the course of a college career.

Fewer than 5 percent of completed or attempted rapes against college women are reported to law enforcement.  It is statistics like these that have compelled Montana State University senior filmmakers Adam Dahlen and Sam Lowe-Anker to shed light on the complex issue of rape abuse in American fraternities in a new film.

This film, “Join Us,” was written by the two filmmakers in an attempt to shed light on an “overlooked aspect of ‘gang mentality’ that can exist within institutions such as fraternities,” said Dahlen. The two filmmakers are proud to have had their film chosen by the members of their faculty.

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‘Battle under the Mountains’ draws a crowd

By NATALIE WALTERS/Montana State News

This year’s Montana State University Club Hivemind’s Battle Under the Mountains was sponsored by Riot Games,  Nvidia, Razer, Mountain Dew, Tespa and Team Entropy.

MSU Hivemind’s League of Legends team A member, Bryce "Frostyzemyx" Miller, collects his raffle prize.
MSU Hivemind’s League of Legends team A member Bryce “Frostyzemyx” Miller collects his raffle prize.

“We were first sponsored by Nvidia back in 2012, and they sent us a bunch of t-shirts. And it was really the best thing we ever had at that point. It was really exciting. But nothing is as cool as graphic cards and keyboards and things like that,” says Blake Mickatavage on sponsorship.

The graphic cards, keyboards and gaming mice were a part of the raffle and the prizes of the League of Legends and Hearthstone tournament winners according to Tyler Katzman who ran the raffle on day two of the event.

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Bozeman SOUP hosts dinner at the Baxter

By NATHANAEL JOHNS/Montana State News

“Innovation fed and funded by the community” is the motto of Bozeman SOUP.  According to their Facebook page, SOUP is a dinner hosted for the purpose of “celebrating and supporting creative projects in Bozeman.”

Local restaurants donate the dinner, and attendees pay a $15 donation for the dinner and then hear four presenters give a four-minute pitch for their project. The audience then votes on the one they think is the best, and the winner gets the donation money.

This year, Betty Strook won with her pitch for Attachment Teach-In Project. This will be a seminar detailing the methods of a program shown to be a successful treatment option for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. According to Mayo Clinic, Reactive Attachment Disorder is a “serious condition in which an infant or young child doesn’t establish healthy attachments with parents or caregivers.”

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‘A Night in Pompeii’ fundraiser set for museum

By JARROD PLANT/Montana State News

Museum of the Rockies is to host a benefit to raise money for the Museum and the Opening Doors for Montana School Children program on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The MOR will host “A Night in Pompeii” themed party that will, according to marketing director Mark Robinson, replace the 25-year tradition of the Museum Ball.

The party will hold 11 live auctions, a silent auction and a Dutch auction all the while live music plays in the background, according to MOR’s webpage.

The live auctions and the silent auction, as well as the ticket sales proceeds, will go to the museum. The fundraising will go to faculty and general needs of the museum.

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Muslim reformist to speak at MSU

By MEGAN AHERN/Montana State News

Irshad Manji, Muslim reformist and best-selling author, will speak at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 22 in the Strand Union Ballrooms at Montana State University, according to university communications. Manji founded and directs the Moral Courage Project at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University, according to university communications.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” journalist Lesley Stahl, Manji said, “Doing the right thing in the face of our fears makes us whole.” As both a Muslim and a lesbian, Manji says she knows how challenging it can be to stand up to discrimination and adversity, according to the Moral Courage Project. She seeks to promote self-empowerment and encourages listeners to, “discover our personal missions,” according to the Moral Courage Project.

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Student interest prompts guild revival

By EMILY FOWLER/Montana State News

Due to student engagement, the Painting and Drawing Guild at Montana State University has been reestablished after a semester hiatus. 99999-245497 - Fowler Emily - Feb 12, 2016 820 AM - 12628402_10203741220569776_4117867542242814037_oSophomores Elise Perpignano and Julia Dobie are heading the newly inspired formation of the guild, which “aims to create a community to nurture individual artistic growth,” according to their meeting fliers.

The guild wants to “give artists a chance to display their work and offer a supportive environment so that (students) can embrace (their) creativity,” said Perpignano.

Dobie added “a lot of galleries and shows are really competitive or specific, so this is a great opportunity to showcase their art.”

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Publication extends submission deadline

By JENNY BRYAN/ Montana State News

Due to an influx in submissions, Montana State University’s creative arts journal, Opsis, has extended the deadline for submissions until Sunday, Feb. 7.

Opsis is a student-run magazine that displays MSU student work in a free publication.

In the past few years, the journal has extended its reach in order to give opportunities to more students, according to the faculty advisor Zachary Bean. “To become more inclusive, Opsis has really reached out to more of the MSU community outside the English Department; for instance, the last two years, we’ve featured cover designs by MSU art and design students, and in the last issue we included more visual art and photos than ever before. We even published some sheet music and architectural blueprints.”

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