Local business, fans gear up for Super Bowl

By: ALLISON ERWIN/Montana State News

Bar-goers can expect to encounter long lines, cheap drinks, and drunken fans this weekend for Super Bowl Sunday in Bozeman.

The buzz surrounding the big game has more than just fans talking. Bartenders and kitchen staff at bars in and around the downtown area are already preparing for the busy weekend ahead.

“With the big game, comes a lot of patrons and of course, a lot of booze… we’re keeping an extra bouncer on just to make sure things stay under control during the game,” said a Bar XI bartender Christian Wallace.

Increased security won’t be the only measure local bars and restaurants will be taking this Sunday. Working with local bars, law enforcement officers will be increasing foot patrols around the downtown area in an effort to minimize confrontation among intoxicated bar-goers, according to a police secretary on Monday.

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MSU online game club explodes in popularity


Montana State University’s club Hivemind has grown over 500 members in 2016. Hivemind maintains MSU electronic sports (E-sports) team for the game “League of Legends.”

“League of Legends” is a multiplayer online battle arena, where two- to five-player teams oppose each other in a forested arena fight to destroy the opposing team’s base.

In the online game, each player selects their own champion to enter the arena with. The player sees the champion and the surrounding area on their computer screen and has the option to move the camera around to the rest of the arena.

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Fly Fishing Film Tour returns to Montana

By KRISTIN ROCHNIAK/Montana State News

What amounts to off-season “fishing porn” for fly fishermen, the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour is back in Montana and made its first stop in Montana Tuesday at the Emerson Cultural Center.

This year the festival website claims to have their best lineup yet. “Finding Fontinalis,” “Jungle Angler: Legend of El Dorado,” and “Tidewater” are a few of the headlining films on the lineup

The once small festival has grown significantly in the 10 years since its founding, and is now not just an event for fishy folks to gaze upon but also a festival with serious movies and real stories.

The festival showcases films that take the audience around to globe to experience fly-fishing within every corner of the Earth. The festival website website says, “from Bolivia to the Seychelles, British Columbia and Patagonia, from Saskatchewan to Zambia and Virginia to Montana, the notable characters, unique storylines and unparalleled fishing in these films will lead you on an adventure around the globe!”

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Beer becoming bigger part of state economy

By LAUREN SHUN/Montana State News

There is nothing better than a locally brewed beer. In Montana, that is not too hard to find.

According to the nation’s Brewers Association, Montana only has 39 breweries statewide, ranking them 22nd in the nation, but they are third in the nation in terms of breweries per capita. Montana has an astounding 5.3 breweries per 100,000 adults. Oregon and Washington with are the only states in the nation ahead of Montana.

The beer brewing industry in Montana is booming. According to the Montana Brewers Association, there are 53 licensed brewers in the state, which manufacture and package over 140,000 barrels (4,340,000 gallons) of fine handcrafted beer in bottles, cans, and kegs.

Tony Herbert, executive director of the Montana Brewers Associations said, “Montana craft beer is very popular … People want more of it and we don’t really see any kind of point where this will slow down. Sure, one day it may. But (there) seems to still be potential for continuing growth for the craft beer market in the nation and in Montana.” Continue reading “Beer becoming bigger part of state economy”

Student literary magazine goes campus-wide

By BRETT NELSON / Montana State News

Artists rejoice ­—Opsis is back.

Montana State University’s literary arts magazine, Opsis, offers readers new content and a new look for its second annual release on May 2 at 4 p.m. at the Country Bookshelf.

“This has been a big year for Opsis,” said Mary Koppy, Opsis editor-in-chief, “Those of our readers who have seen our transformation over the last four years know how aggressively the magazine has evolved.”

Since its inception in 2006, Opsis has sought to expand interest amongst the public, not only with Bozeman readers, but also with anyone interested in local arts beyond the Bozeman community.

“Our long-term goal is to make Opsis a national circulation,” said Professor Zachary Bean, Opsis’ faculty advisor.

The completely student-run publication features work from MSU students in unexpected fields, like engineering, agriculture, architecture, as well as from faculty and staff. Continue reading “Student literary magazine goes campus-wide”

Exhibit will highlight wealthy Roman lifestyles

By MORGAN BROWN/Montana State News

Ancient Romans knew how to live it up.

Quality of life before the twentieth century is often thought of as “nasty, brutish and short” as political philosopher Thomas Hobbes once wrote. Wars and invasions threatened countries and empires constantly, people lit their houses with candles and oil lamps, diseases ran rampant and famines plagued the earth. It is easy to think that ancients lived like animals.

Scholars who study ancient Rome and other cultures would beg to differ.

“Since 2007, I have been a part of a scholarly project at a very big and very luxurious Roman villa on the Bay of Naples that was buried in the same eruption that buried Pompeii in the year 79,” said Dr. Regina Gee, associate professor of art history at Montana State University.

Gee is working with a team of scholars under The Oplontis Project, whose mission “is to conduct a systematic, multidisciplinary study” of two ancient villas located in Oplontis, Italy. Gee is working to bring artifacts found from the villas to be viewed in three museums across the U.S. Because of Gee’s participation and scholarly contribution, the exhibit, which is called “Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii,” will be featured at the Museum of Rockies from June to December 2016.  Continue reading “Exhibit will highlight wealthy Roman lifestyles”

Research funding is for the arts too

By ABE FEIGENBAUM/Montana State News

The Montana State University Undergraduate Research Celebration is also a celebration for artists.

Although research funding is frequently associated with the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), MSU’s Undergraduate Scholars Program (USP) and its annual Research Celebration, is open campus-wide to all academic fields, including those involved in fine arts and the humanities.

“What we’re really looking at is that there is a research element or original scholarship. Basically, for artists, we want original works in their field,” said USP Program Coordinator Scarlet Schwendtner.

She emphasized the inclusive nature of the USP and the annual event, saying, “The Research Celebration is not a competition. We try to accommodate everyone and the review process is just to make sure the project is serious and ready to move forward.” Continue reading “Research funding is for the arts too”

Student learning a lot … as a business owner

By JORDAN GARCEAU/Montana State News

Owning a business while going to college is a rare event.

When asked about EJ Hanson, co-worker Holly Capp said, “EJ Hanson is the most interesting and down to earth person I have ever met.… Next to the Dos Equis man.”

While working as the Streamline’s latenight director, a 5 Guys employee, freelance photographer and full time Montana State University student, Hanson recently became co-owner of Bozeman’s Zhashki Henna.

Toward the end of 2014, the past owners of Zhashki became too busy to continue the business. The owners then offered the business to Hanson and another employee within the company. Hanson willingly accepted.

With her arms marked in henna tattooing, Hanson states, “Being a 20-year-old business owner was something I never even thought of for my life plan.” Continue reading “Student learning a lot … as a business owner”

Student, 21, finds calling as high-end chef

By LAUREN SHUN/Montana State News

“Cooking isn’t a job for me; it’s my passion,” said Evan Walcher.

While most college students spend time thinking about classes and exams, 21-year-old Montana State student Evan Walcher spends the majority of his time thinking about cuts of meats, seasonings, and proper plating techniques. Evan is the youngest grill cook at the high-end restaurant Open Range in Bozeman.

“The average age of the chefs around me is 28,” Walcher said. “Most are on salary.” This separation of age and experience has never made much of a difference to Evan or to those cooking around him.

Experienced chef Chef Roosevelt, 47, has been in the restaurant industry for over 23 years. Roosevelt works closely by Evan on the line most nights and like many others, Roosevelt is impressed by Evan’s skills at such a young age. “For Evan’s age, no one could be doing what he is doing for this restaurant.” Continue reading “Student, 21, finds calling as high-end chef”

Everybody knows your name at Billings brewery

By WILLIAM NEVILLE/Montana State News

It’s a Monday evening in the heart of downtown Billings’s historic Montana Avenue. Aside from all of the sounds that aerate the downtown at rush hour, there’s a trendy, yet cozy railroad themed brewery that echoes remnants of the historic district’s past. In present day, everybody knows one another’s names.

The crowd is eclectic. It ranges from white collar professionals, writers, college students, the retired, free thinkers and the typical weird folk, but they all have one agenda in common while enjoying a brew: imbibe conversation and community. One beer loving patron yells out, “It’s a very cheers Monday!”

Mike Uhrich, the mastermind behind this whole operation and the beer loving connoisseur, has been engineering and conducting beer with passion since 2007. Continue reading “Everybody knows your name at Billings brewery”

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