Custom bike frame builder going ‘Strong’

Carl Strong builds custom bike frames in his shop off of Mendenhall Street in Bozeman.

By SAM BROWN/Montana State News

Dedication and patience are only a few of the skills needed to master a craft. Carl Strong, of Strong Frames based in Bozeman, is no stranger to the time one must devote to become a professional. Carl has been building custom bike frames in Bozeman since he set up shop in a shed behind his grandma’s house in 1993.

Since then Strong frames has been in and out of different shop spaces but the philosophy has always stayed the same – to build quality custom bike frames with attention to detail.  Today Strong Frames is situated in a small warehouse with polished concrete floors in the historic district of downtown off Mendenhall Street.

Carl Strong’s lean athletic build is a product of the fact that, not only does he love building bikes, he loves riding them too. Behind his thick black Oakley glasses that double as eye protection from flying metal shavings is a man who voices dedication to providing the best possible handmade bike frames for his customers. Working with a variety of frame materials including carbon, titanium and steel, Carl provides his customers with options to suit their needs. Continue reading “Custom bike frame builder going ‘Strong’”

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